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Limited Company t account is an account that provides services related to Office Accounting 5 groups.

  Accounting services including the preparation of monthly / quarterly / yearly.
Preparation and filing of corporate income tax of all kinds.
The preparation and filing of UCC.(PND 90,91,94)
  Established a partnership
The company established a partnership
The registration of partnership
The dissolution of partnership
A VAT registered enterprises.
  Social Security Services
Registrations are insured
Monthly submission of social services.
  Services, accounting system and computer programs.
Services, accounting system, accounting and consulting.
Services and training in the use of computer programs in accounting.
  Other services to meet the needs of customers.
Financial Advisor
Writing Project finance / project analysis.
Tax Planning
Internal Auditor (Internal Audit).
To meet officials of the Revenue Department
Contact other Government
Accounting Staffing

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